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Your argument is a non-sequitur: the necessity of delivering password reminders doesn’t mean the data should be kept unencrypted

Your argument is a non-sequitur: the necessity of delivering password reminders doesn’t mean the data should be kept unencrypted

Your argument is a non-sequitur: the necessity of delivering password reminders doesn’t mean the data should be kept unencrypted

Sweet effort at apologism, however it does not clean. While this is certainly a fascinating function, it really is a protection opening by itself, since passwords are now being released constantly on the web (email is within the clear, keep in mind?).

But allow us suppose that counts not and conjure an easy designer that will provide that purpose and also show that yes, Markus smudged big style

1. Accept password 2. instantly send password to two places: a) hashed to your internet verification system (was), b) cleartext to the nuisance e-mail system (nes) 3. The was is attached to the internet host, one way or another, in order that in the event that system is hacked, there was a threat of the had been accessed, but considering that the passwords are hashed, no big deal. 4. The nes is certainly not attached to the internet host, but operates individually, without any direct course from the internet host to your nes, therefore if the internet server is hacked, no nes access.

I’ve left out of the execution details – this will be a remark, maybe not really a post, duh – but having web-inaccessible systems for handling of delicate info is therefore standard a training as become in the reach of anybody who cares at all when it comes to protection and privacy of the users.

just just What Markus did was incorrect and shows too little care.

Decreasing the barrier to repeat that is( entry will not justify lax protection like this. It is like saying “lets perhaps not do backups, they take too enough time and work – lets raise the effectiveness of y our startup by not wasting time on backups.”.

Predicated on your post, it seems POF are doing the exact same thing – let’s not work with security – let’s be much more user-friendly alternatively. It is only a matter of the time…

“user retention” feels like a strange attribute for “dating site”, but clearly i might have conservative minded brain for individual relationships. Obviosly someone joins a site that is dating ever, and ever, and ever.

… are https://besthookupwebsites.org/wantmatures-review/ you currently censoring feedback b/c they reveal just exactly how stupid your article is? great design.

So you’re saying it is a “feature”?

There’s surely got to be an easy method.

If some body wants straight right back onto a website after for enough time of a period they can’t keep in mind their password, they’ll do that which we all do — either use some form of “I Forgot My Password” link or perhaps make a brand new account.

Good idea. Store text that is plain, to make it much easier to deliver them via insecure e-mail.

Also should you want to send users their password via email (bad idea), you can nevertheless keep all of them with 2 means encryption. But having a single time login is a significantly better concept.

Um, even if he encrypts passwords, he is able to still send easy-to-click, auto-expiring links to users by having a parallel verification token which is not their password. They can also toss in a great, big “reset your password” link at the very top if this is truly the usage instance behind their passwords that are plaintext.

Therefore, sorry – there is absolutely no reason for saving individual passwords in plaintext.

There’s absolutely no explanation anyone should really be keeping text that is plain; it is a huge protection breach while you have actually stated earlier.

Now, not just are POF having a possible protection breach on the site, they are causing a security breach on MY OWN COMPUTER by emailing me my password in plain text!! Up until the point that POF were to email me my password, it existed ONLY in my own head which is incredibly hard to hack if I were a member. Certain if we had been to join up to POF, chances are they are now keeping my password on the (most likely pretty secure (although not that secure since it had been hacked)) host. But emailing it in my experience places it in danger from any viruses that are nasty might be monitoring my inbox for the keyword “Password”.

Giving a publication does need to include n’t a password to point that the website “still exists”. Plus the undeniable fact that they are doing is irresponsible and careless.

OKCupid solved the exact same problem by utilising the quick-login links within their emails. You just follow the link and you’re automatically logged in. You don’t need to show users the password or store it as ordinary text.

What’s the bond of delivering an individual e-mail through a publication?! simply into the DB he also need to decrypt it in order to validate users login to the system, he can decrypt it as well when he want to send the newsletter with the password as he(was supposed to) encrypt the password in order to store it.

We don’t get the logic.

You give Markus credit that is too much. If a lot of people make use of the exact same password they need reminding as you say, why do?

Okay, so not merely do they keep plaintext passwords in their database, they send millions of plaintext passwords over an unencrypted medium to be kept in someone’s inbox.

No body, also your self should ever visit your password written down as certainly not dots or movie stars. We’ve very very long established the way that is right of things and there’s not a way to justify carrying it out otherwise. Besides, why should also he have the ability to see everyone’s passwords focusing on how usually individuals reuse them?

until well after 2012, nonetheless they will modernize guidelines dating from 1995, and may expand to e-banking, online shopping or perhaps the individual information industry

lookinginchas is cheating on me personally, their spouse and three kids , all devastated. If only somebody would help me to get their password.

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